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Hedwig's life span sized dump - Imgur

Hedwig's life span sized dump

James is definately one of those people who probably died because he was sarcastic at the wrong time. Inappropriate times to make dad jokes


Pardon the language but.that is epic. Please please please let that be real.

Wizards playing muggle board games... sounds scary. We need to have fan art of Eve playing in most of these games, all Slytherin ones. I guess the gryffindor ones too, and maybe ravenclaw.

Muggleborns bringing their board games to Hogwarts. I am a Hufflepuff and I love Cards Against Humanity so I can safely assume that this is totally a thing.

I love Teddy and I love this. They're probably up there busting their guys because Teddy is not at all bookish and rule abiding like his father. <<But was Remus bookish and rule abiding???

So, Remus pretty much produced a James-Sirius combo for a child. Full of himself, spunky, ridiculously high self esteem, and no fucks given about what others think of him.<<<hell yeah he did

I don't think it's sad I think it's awesome.

And then all my Hufflepuff memorabilia will be a sign of my intellect and not a cause for weird stares