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Image: http://cd8ba0b44a15c10065fd-24461f391e20b7336331d5789078af53.r23.cf1.rackcdn.com/polycount.vanillaforums.com/editor/ku/wlnjuwc42ho0.png

Image: http://cd8ba0b44a15c10065fd-24461f391e20b7336331d5789078af53.r23.cf1.rackcdn.com/polycount.vanillaforums.com/editor/ku/wlnjuwc42ho0.png

Chest, Anthony Trujillo on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/chest-aa95b7b7-9145-41f9-b190-f30adfeb04cf

A chest for an upcoming scene I am working. The texture was primarily painted in coat, using the high poly bake lighting information as a base. Diffuse,normal and Spec. Presented in Marmoset 2

Amazing Digital Animations by Mikael Gustafsson - UltraLinx

Amazing Digital Animations by Mikael Gustafsson

ArtStation - random trees to get my head clear after work, Lip Comarella

Trees - Stylized concept designs by Vienna/Lisbon, Austria based concept artist and visual developer Lip Comarella. Some of the very unique and stylish concepts for trees with beautiful shapes and colors.

Smith UI Kit on Behance

Inspired by stuff like Marshall, Winamp, Caterpillar. Smith UI combines thick and thin lines and contains tons of UI components for apps, infographics, websites etc.

Low Poly Stylized Castle Environments modelled in 3ds Max 14. Suitable for…

Low Poly Stylized Castle Environments modelled in Max Suitable for games, mods or any real time applications. The asset is detailed enough to allow close up shots. This asset is optimized and hand tweaked. Hand-painted texture in Tota…

same ship corridor ver 2 by Bro-Bot - Eric Felten - CGHUB via PinCG.com

Eric Felten Original Art

Tangram tables #furniture

Tangram tables - we would love to see these at one of our events (lovely unique product design of chair, shelves and table all in one)

ArtStation - 3December - Day 1, Tim Kaminski

by ‎Tim Kaminski‎ via Ten thousand "Finished my first It was a lot of fun, I also streamed the whole thing from concept to finish :)"