Fallout New Vegas fans will get it!

Fallout New Vegas fans will get it!

Deathclaw on the rise

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The Kings Fallout New Vegas- Cosplay

Fallout 4 Extreme Power Armor Collection

Fallout 4 Extreme Power Armor Collection

Being Overboss is really hard. | art by fanartcity @Tumblr

Literally my exact reaction when I was going the raider route in Nuka World.

I really want to play the Fallout series. ;~;

why is this so accurate oh my GOD spongebob predicted fallout 4 See the Simpsons can't predict EVERYTHING .

This sums it up perfectly

Started New Vegas again, this sums it up perfectly

Never played Destiny but I have heard about it.

Video Game Logic

Not sure anything will ever be as good as borderlands for crazy easy drop in drop out loot mad co-op

my fallout 4 character is so OP that legendaries are boring now.

But what's amazing is when you forget when you're fighting a legendary and you're like "Wow half health!" And it mutates and you die a little inside.