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10 Pizza Cutters You’ve Probably Never Seen Before 9

10 Pizza Cutters You’ve Probably Never Seen Before - Ateriet

This ripple effect ice tray makes it look like dinosaurs are sneaking up on you. It will make everyone's drink look like it's heralding a dinosaur right out of Jurassic Park, looking for a light snack.

Make a great impression at parties and get together's with these Rainy Day Icy Tray Ice Molds. Rainy Day ice trays create ice cubes with ripples in them, so

Fuck that girly shit

Apothecary Morphine Mug. New coffee mug, tea cup, coffee cup with skull illustration. Home decor. from Skullbag on Etsy

Tiffany Blue  Titanium Pearl Glock 17. Its monogrammed! What more could a girl ask for?

Tiffany Blue & Titanium Pearl Glock It's monogrammed! --- I don't think guns should be pink & girly, but this Glock is pretty sweet.

The Satechi USB Portable Humidifier lets you reuse your own bottles and turn them into a humidifier/mister $22.99 #food #recipes

The USB Portable Amazing Humidifier provides a soothing environment whether you're at home, at the office or traveling. To use the humidifier, fill a bottle with purified water.

Deluxe Corn Stripper - Corn on the Cob Stripperand Corn Kernel Remover | Solutions

hey mom, this would help when freezing all the corn! :) Deluxe Corn Stripper, Corn on the Cob Stripper, Corn Kernel Remover

iPhone Case is a Polaroid Printer.  OMG how cool.

The Sophie iPhone dock/case prints photos just like a Polaroid kidspot-products-we-love

Meow for Measuring Cups, #ModCloth

Meow for Measuring Cups

Cat measuring cups: a must-have for want want want omg! your cat-themed kitchen! (Meow for Measuring Cups by One Hundred 80 Degrees)

Batter Pro Dispenser

Batter dispenser for muffins, pancakes, cupcakes, etc. without the mess.i NEED this!

Corn Kerneler from Wanelo. what a great idea. I love "corn-on-the-cob" OFF the cob. lol

Corn Kerneler Kitchen Tool With Stainless Steel Blades - for fresh corn for salsa, casseroles, etc (or for your kids with braces).or Kevin who doesn't eat corn off the cob.