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While I still don't love the drama aspects of this show, Glee has dominated the singing world and most teenage worlds in Justin Bieber-style. Plus, it is really the only viable network show that addresses teen issues and engages adults.  http://sallyloftis.blogspot.com/2011/03/sexy-glee.html

GLEE is a musical comedy about a group of eager and ambitious students who strive to outshine their singing competition to win Nationals while navigating the cruel halls of McKinley High.

Because of Glee

Mark's is the best because that's exactly what Glee is for me too. I don't use my account anymore on IG but mannn I'll always have those memories from my glee fam ♡ Joelene, Alayna.

Glee Rachel And Quinn Photo by elle_ela | Photobucket

This song is sung by the Glee cast Original Artist: Bill Withers (Lean On Me) Episode: Ballad I do not own this song nor do I own any of the music distribute.

#Glee - #BrittanyPierce

So sad she won't be on anymore. By far my favorite character glee

Cory Monteith - Cory Monteith Fan Art (38018673) - Fanpop

P Cory you always made me laugh. You brightened up my day when I would watch you on glee. I love you Cory

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele.... My heart is breaking for her....

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele. My heart is breaking for her.

I can't watch Quarterback (have seen it only twice) but I really love this scene.

Oohhhh the Kurt/Finn brother feels in this scene. "The Quarterback" makes my heart hurt.

Quinn Fabray - glee

Quinn Fabray - glee tbh she was favorite character. such a diva/queen!