This is the most accurate thing ever<<< Really tho! Like who wouldn't!!

This is the most accurate thing ever<<< Really tho! Like who wouldn't!<<< i would choose Leo or Nico over him but i would still kiss Percy if i had the chance!

So accurate

Fandoms about movies: Harry Potter: Lilly's eyes are not green? Narnia: Why Susan and Caspian Hunger Games: Where is Madge? Percy Jackson: Please guys. Percy Jackson: Please.

when my history teacher talk about how good is Hera ( teacher: She is so good at uniting the gods) I am like : NO she is not!!! SHE is the most evil thing in the world!!! You do not know nothing can ask Annabeth or Percy if you don't believe me......

For an example I was watching Sherlock and they were talking abt Janus and I was like Percy Jackson!

Just keep swishing swishing swishing what do we do we love to SWISH WE LOVE TO SWISH WE LOVE TO SWISH stop singing it now I have that songstuckinmyhead!!! The pin got better <<< this caption.

yeah well , romans are a little too organized and greek , well , it's better I don't mention .Go greeks !

Kylo Ren and Rey date< Although I'm not a huge shipper of Reylo, this was still too funny to not pin XD

Kylo Ren and Rey date

Kylo Ren and Ray date. I just realized that was Finn and Poe in the background! This is a cool comic but I do not ship kylo ten and Rey

This is SO accurate

I love anybody who loves Percy Jackson, unless it's the movie they love and not the book.

>>> Okay but why is there a smiley face on this post.<<because it's a friendly reminder, duh