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from Swedish 18 C garb company laila@durantextiles.com

This is a beautiful site, featuring many, many professional pictures of historic dress (primarily c.) showcasing their textiles.

Um, excuse me, a boat seems to have dock in your hair. ;)

Francaise Dinner 2014

Um, excuse me, a boat seems to have docked in your hair.

Side view, robe à la francaise, 1750-1760. Green silk lampas with white floral motifs and leafs.

Love that there is still a defined lower back and waist. Robe à la française (side view): ca. French, silk damask taffeta, lined with linen, trimmed.

Beautiful fur-trimmed lirapipe hood, via Vrangante Brun.

century hand stitched wool dress with fabric buttons. Hand stitched liripipe hood, wool with linen lining, trimmed with fox fur.



1780-1782, the Netherlands  Silk Robe à la Polonaise  Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Robe à l'anglaise, consisting of tunic and skirt of bright yellow silk taffeta with a garnish of bouillons, worn à la polonaise.

Robe Volante 1730s Musée Galliera de la Mode de la Ville de Paris OMG that dress!

Robe Volante dated around The robe volante served as a transitional silhouette from the mantua of the century. The robe volant did not emphasize the hips as much as other styles from the century. The style also was better at hiding pregnancy.