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THE HOST (Gwoemul) created by Bong Joon-ho, Baek Chul-hyun, Chin Wei-chen, and Weta Workshop.

Pacific Rim

Gallery: Otachi (Kaiju) This page contains images on the Pacific Rim Wiki pertaining to Otachi.

My ideas for a Pacific Rim Sequel | Through the Shattered Lens

Exclusive Interview with Guy Davis, Pacific Rim Concept Artist

Elephantlike alien lifeform

creature concept art by Tiffany Turrill

Going underwater.

Going underwater.

wildlife star wars concept art - Google Search

wildlife star wars concept art - Google Search

Guy Davis does my favorite Goetic demon!

Monster Hands and Feet

I did this illustration last month for Cubebrush, a concept artist tutorial site. The entire process was recorded and turned into a video lecture . Sir Billy the Cockatrice

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Tentacle Mutant Stage by Art--Tool

Yin Chushou Tou by V4m2c4

Yin Chushou Tou by Vincent-Covielloart

Arzamas monster by Monopteryx on deviantART

Arzamas monster by ~Monopteryx on deviantART

da94012629762bf1bbecf9b5bb030b02.jpg (736×578)

da94012629762bf1bbecf9b5bb030b02.jpg (736×578)

https://www.google.com/search?q=final fantasy summons

Black Leech: Give All Skeleton Give All Undead

Picked up by CGchips. 2D,3DCG tutorials and 3Dprinter news site. http://cgchips.com/

tutorials and news site…

Dominion of the Black Fleshfarm minion.

Art of adrian smith Note to self: Gluttony.

For a never made JP4 movie I worked on many years ago

Human-Dinosaur Hybrids in Abandoned 'Jurassic Park Concept Art