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Beagle puppies

T and I decided we want to get a beagle puppy one day! Can't wait for our future family - Olivia Jayne, William Edward and Joshua Thomas/Jacob with our little beagle Vincent

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Beagle - Friendly and Curious

Sweet dreams little Beagle Baby!

AWWW, this is just too adorable! I really really wanna cuddle with this cute little one, (sigh) I squeal, Oh & Ah, talk baby talk & get giddy over puppies like most women do over babies.

I want to pet it's face!:))

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Keep your head up! #Beagle #puppy

Beagle Dog Breed Information

Things to Know About Havanese Dogs If someone is contemplating obtaining a new dog for their loved ones, that man might wish to think about the little dog breed known as the Havanese dog.

A Huge hang for you apomena gia sena

A Huge hang for you apomena gia sena

Beagle: beagle puppies are one of the cutest things God put on 4 legs.)♥♥ my beagle Jewel.

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5 Longest living dog breeds The Planet of Pets ~ Beagles ~ Known for their beautiful ears and eyes, Beagles have a life span of years.