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google doctor who Todays Google Doodle is a fun game in honor of Doctor Whos 50th anniversary

Google Doodle Plays Tribute to Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Loving the Doctor Who Anniversary special? Here are 10 cool Doctor Who things you can watch, play, and explore right now to keep the celebration going.

1000+ images about Stained Glass on Pinterest | Stained Glass ...

Tardis from NerdGlass Art. They got a few more geeky stained glass images. Pinned for Lisa.

List of all the doctor who "minisodes" with working links! :) These mini episodes were for the children in need, comic relief or extra online specials

List of all the Doctor Who Mini Episodes - links to extra episodes online that have appeared between the regular episodes such as: prequels, Children in Need, Comic Relief, and special webisodes.

FireBoy Speaks Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who cosplay ❤ liked on Polyvore

Dum dadadadadada doo wee ooh, doo doo dah dah doh (whom, whom, whom.

I don't like the "keep calm" memes, but this one made me laugh

Doo wee ooh “ … admit it, you sang the theme song to yourself!

Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who. Love this!! <3

Like to know more about all the doctors, companions, foes, and battles for each show? Then you're in the right place as this infographic is an ultimate guide to all things Dr.

A stencil to put the T.A.R.D.I.S. on anything.  The tutorial uses a screen printing kit... but I think I might use bleach

Toddler T.A.R.D.I.S. Tee

Master knows best

Master knows best

Knowledge is power - power corrupts - study hard - be evil :D