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Maybe you dumbasses wouldn't feel emasculated by feminism if your manhood was rooted in something other than oppressing women.

bring up feminism to most men the first thing they talk about is the right to hit women back. not equal pay, but their right to beat women.

Pp: "The word 'feminism'. It's interesting the first thing men think about when they hear the word feminism is beating them. But we have the problem?

Girls mature faster because they are literally forced to be held accountable for their actions.

No one is "asking for it" because of how they're dressed

Also, don't use the word whore. Feminist Elizabethan: Feminist Meme: If You Were Dressed As A Vampire

But oh so typical.< and then there are the women telling other women to appreciate being cancelled because they don't realise some of these people are young girls who are maturing early or they just don't like the attention. Either way cat calling needs to stop.

Why is there a debate on whether catcalling is flattering or not. the fact that here are men that think they can decide how women feel about something is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


Damn straight, violence and racism should be unacceptable to anyone. Absolutely disgusting people try to make excuses for it

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male ego, feminism, slut shaming<< funny tho because I have the perfect spn gif set

because that's not what it is.

Feminism is not misandry. "don't allow men who hate women to define feminism as women who hate men"

Guys the World Wars were in the 20th century. We are talking a million people dying in one battle. Wow. Stop hate crimes people

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And the argument is of wartime casualties are men (ignoring obviously the fact women on the front lines was only allowed a few years ago)

Our wives and daughters! Stop talking like women are your possessions. We are humans like men.

our wives and daughters. we are called women and the situation has nothing to do with our relationship to you

Ignorance is the greatest threat to all humanity!

A woman's body is not dangerous, it does not cause men to do stupid things. If men do stupid things it is THEIR CHOICE.

Feminism women

it calls out the myths about feminism, and makes sure to include all women- and their ability to choose. I hate to hear someone say they're not a feminist because they aren't man haters. Being a feminist doesn't mean you hate men.