Paul Wesley

The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Covers ‘Glow’ Magazine December 2012

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TVD Stefan Salvatore or Paul Wesley if you want

mmm can't beat ray bans

Paul Wesley- sexiest vampire ever!

Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder. Paul can get out of the car and let me ride!

The Salvatore Brothers - The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

Stefan Salvatore - Paul Wesley

The Vampire Diaries Stefan Salvatore(Paul Wesley)

Paul Wesley

If I had to chose between Paul (Stefan) or Ian (Damon). It would be Paul (Stefan). Sexy smart cares too much. Let's you make your own decision and backs you.

Stefan The Vampire Diaries Poster

The Vampire Diaries - TVD - Season 2 Promotion

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{open w/ Stefan} We went to a party, got drunk. Cuddling in my bed, naked.

Stefan Salvatore ♡

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