western hognose snake, Heterodon nasicus (5)

western hognose snake, Heterodon nasicus just like my hoggie! (only shes a tad larger now)

This is the coral snake. They are considered to be among the most dangerous snakes in the world. In Mexico, the coral snake is referred to as the 20 minute snake because within twenty minutes after being bitten, you will die. They are relatively small (20 cm) but some can be up to 5 feet long.

Poisonous and Venomous Snakes, Spiders and Insects Seen in Mexico

Cheap vacations in Mexico can turn nasty with many poisonous snakes, spiders and bugs with deadly bites. Venomous snakes and spiders await tourists on their holidays in Mexico

Beautiful Pin By  .... Unique Pin By  .... Thai temple, Nonthaburi, Thailand.

A monk and Burmese Python at the Bangpang temple in the Nonthaburi province of Thailand.