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Watch any experienced yogi move through a sequence of poses and there's one thing you’ll notice: the almost hypnotizing grace and strength with which they glide from chaturanga to downward dog, or

These graceful GIFs demonstrate how to make smooth flows between yoga poses so you can go from upward dog to downward facing dog or tree pose to Warrior III without missing a beat

10 Alignment Tips To Improve Your Downward Dog (feet can be wider for tight hamstrings, hands can be wider for tight shoulders)

10 Alignment Tips To Improve Your Downward Dog

10 alignment tips for downward facing dog. It's so good to find subtle moves in this yoga pose. It'll revolutionise your down dog.

Yoga - A guide for how to do downward facing dog. Downward facing dog is a great strengthening & stretching yoga pose for beginners. Click through for a step by step visual.

How to do Downward Facing Dog

In this video yoga for complete beginners you'll learn basic poses that are fundamental for a good yoga practice. Check out the best yoga video for beginners.

Down Dog and Plank Pose: are you doing them right?

How to Correctly Perform Downward Dog and Plank Pose

Even if you have a solid Plank and your Down Dog couldn’t be more glorious, here’s a simple checklist to bring your classic poses to their highest potential

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Pin now, practice later! 28 Day heart opening yoga project. Wearing: Liquido Active pants, Alala bra.

28 Day Heart Opening Yoga Project

Pin now, practice later! 28 Day heart opening yoga project for February! Heart opening challenge to help with your yoga poses

get a move on  |  kathryn budig (part 1)

I draw out sequences using asanaglyphs on a three wave grid. Wave one warms you up, Wave Two prepares you for the peak pose and Wave Three winds you down to shavasana.