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You, honey? You do not have a Knitting Problem. You are not obsessed; you do not even make the finals. Meet the way-out-of-your-league, the gives-new-meaning-to-awesome, the makes-Alice-Starmore-look-like-a-freaking-dilettante, the possibly-insane woman who did the teeny knits for Coraline: Athena Crome. She knits on such a small scale that her creations can be displayed across a fingertip... CLICK. I dare you!.

Incredibly tiny stockings knit by the same woman who did the knitted items for the movie, "Coraline".

Althea's nano-knitted stranded colorwork sweater at a scale of 1/12 compared to actual size.

Althea Crome knits sweaters, socks, and gloves that have complex, full-color designs—all at one-twelfth the scale of normal knit objects.


Miniature knitted gloves, by Althea Crome. *WINNER* Teeny tiny things round, Mollie Makes mash-up between Mr X Stitch and Deadly Knitshade at The Handmade Fair.

Tiny Gloves! Knitted for realsies. This lady made all the clothes for the movie Coraline.

truebluemeandyou: “ Miniature Knitted Gloves by Anthea Chrome here who created all of the tiny clothing used in the movie Coraline. I posted miniature knitting here, and there is a video of Anthea.

Dollhouse Inspiration - links to other dollhouse resources

Oh my gosh! Now I want to build a dollhouse! Like the coolest dollhouse there ever was - even though dolls freak me out ;) Dollhouse Inspiration - links to other dollhouse resources

Victorian Dollhouse. I can appreciate the time, hardwork and research involved in furnishing a DH like this one <3                                                                                                                                                      More

How I Wallpaper My Miniature Dollhouse Walls

Vintage doll’s houses, or cabinet houses as they are also called, represent choice miniature doll house collections owned by wealthy and noble women of the past who were rich enough to afford such collectibles.