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Connection between Clara and the Autons?... Did Ellie die in that shop?

Doctor Who: The connection between Clara and the Autons

"The connection between Clara and the Autons" this is crazy how 11 was watching the funeral of clara's mom and on that same day 9 had just taken rose away :( so close but so far!<<<I am now accepting the fact that Clara's mom was killed by Autons

This is not war, this is pest control

This is not war, this is pest control

That moment when the Cybermen and Daleks get in a sass war. - For real, this was an awesome moment in tv.>> I squeed at this part, DALEK SASS!

This is why Barty Crouch Jr looks like the Doctor and is "evil" does that make Death Eaters Time Lords? - Headcannon accepted.

Harry Potter Dalek - " aboard the lolnope train"

Moffat, please let this happen! Language sorry

My Doctor's TARDIS

Haha I kinda like that idea! The inhaler thing is hilarious :)

Both hearts breaking ❤❤

And now I will sit in a corner and cry.<<Can I join?<< Is there room for another?<<Make space because I'm joining too!<<I'm just going to sit here with you and cry now.<<<what about rose? A Thousand years since he lost her. << Don't even bring Rose in.

somehow I missed this the first time around. :'-(

*cries* my Nine feels hurt! My Doctor feels in general hurt!

Right in the feels.  Oh Nine...I miss you my doctor.

"Stabbing my face would have been kinder" perfect description of feels <<Stabbing my heart suits to my feelings for tenrose

Do you want to build a snowman for the tenth Doctor and the Master. If this isn't perfect I don't understand the levels you need for perfection.

Do you wanna steal a TARDIS? - Do you wanna build a snowman parody. His face cracks me up!

I always get Dalek feels. I thought we were meant to have Dalek feels.<--I always have Dalek feels.

I know this is all about Dalek feels but all I'm thinking is that that one Dalek wanted to be a ballerina.  :'(