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Come on Gandalf!!!

Disappointments in life…but mainly just Gandalf.a little disappointment about Narnia.but Gandalf. I want my adventure.

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Yeah how about. Michael Vey Finnick Odair Gale Hawthorne Peeta Mellark Howard(Doesn't have a last name) ♥ Percy Jackson LEO VALDEZ

They'll fold pages to keep their place or crack the spine, don't look at me like I'm crazy I know they will I just know!

Welcome to my life. Sherlock & Spencer Reid (once again, words not mine, but yep.

I hope he sees this because I'm serious. I'm obsessed with books and because I'm fifteen nothings happened. I'm hoping to save the world from peril at the Empire State Building in August though. August third. Yep. Thanks Percy.

It's all up to you, Gandalf. The fandoms: The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings I rly wish I went to camp half-blood thou

There’s either the fan girls like, “OMG YESSS!!!” And then the ones like, “oooooooooh shit.”

But what if my favorite character isn't someone I would be in love with? What if my favorite character is someone I think would be awesome as a best friend? What if my favorite character is a stone cold psychopath?


This is wonderful! I don't think it's being there from the beginning that makes you a fan, it's being there until the end! I am just getting into the best fandoms ever and honestly, I haven't been there from the beginning but I'll be here until the end!

Alright Guys

The Fangirl Oath. Pledge allegiance to your fandoms. It's the fangirl version of the pledge to Artemis! :D<<I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis, I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maiden-hood, and join the hunt


horrible to think about. You really can't forget fandoms that affect your life so much.you never can forget them.

FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT!!!!!>>>>> I'm just gonna say one thing...... I hate when people say they don't want 5sos to become famous like One Direction. I hate when they think they know everything just bc they were a fan before slsp. Like so what if I was a fan after slsp. Is there a problem? You shouldn't be fucking COMPLAINING you should be HAPPY bc they r doing what they've always dreamed of doing. My opinion.>>> written by .....

I'm tired of people who look at me and shake their heads, like they think I'm younger than them and don't know anything about the fandom, or even common sense for that matter. For crying out loud, I'm not that dumb.

Story of my life I do it anyways. Mum has told me multiple times to stop talking about Sherlock or Ben...

This isn't merely a nerd girl "problem". This is nerd girl life. All the time.

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One of the keys to a marketable novel is its ability to create and maintain a fanbase—a following of fans dedicated to the franchise; often called a “fandom.” Through a fanbase, a novel will grow past...

I am. A wizard a timelord tribute demi-god detective hobbit jedi

If you’re happy and you know it

ALLOW ME TO SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE. Besides doctor who. I'm not putting myself through that<<< it’s too late for me, I’ve finished Sherlock, I’m rewatching Merlin, I’ve started supernatural and I’ve finished doctor who. for the second time.

How do you kill yourself without dying? Join a fandom. Seriously.

This is absolutely true!this is one of the most truthful things i have ever seen. I am in at least six fandoms with more that I'm about to join, and I die all the time.

Too true

I am in so many fandoms that I cant even list all of them at the top of my head right now. I love TV shows, movies, books, podcasts, etc. They make up my life and Im so happy that they do. They allow me to escape to another world.