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Christopher Salmon: Women's Casual Day wear 80s: The light pastel colored sweaters and acid wash denim embody the casual trends of the 80s. This particular picture represents the slightly more controlled and almost business like casual wear. Big curly hair and cropped pants showing white socks is also an 80s trend.

Christopher The light pastel colored sweaters and acid wash denim

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The Best 1980s Fashion Moments To Relive in Photos

Shoulder pads, perms and all.

Jeans 80's has several of these even some shorts in this style

Roll It – Roll it Good: T-shirts, Jean Jackets and Pegged Jeans of the yes I had this exact outfit!

Kmart- Teen Magazine August 1987 Fashion Advertorial '80s Clothes

How to look like a pentacostal

PREPPY (c. 1987)

fashion~ the girl in the middle was totally me in college! boots and all

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Hair Styles - Typical Hairstyles Large and Larger

Levi's Denim Jeans from a 1989 catalog #vintage #fashion #1980s

Levi's Denim Jeans from a 1989 Catalog

Girls Fashion from a 1987 catalog #vintage #fashion #1980s | 1980s ...

Girls Fashion 1987 catalog - here for the cringeworthy socks-and-loafers combo

1980s Hipster Kitsch Grunge High Waist 4 Button Acid by HDVintage, $22.00 it would be better as a dress

Items similar to Hipster Kitsch Grunge High Waist 4 Button Acid Wash/Floral Denim Ruffle Skirt Size M on Etsy

A blog showcasing vintage 80's Magazines, including Dolly, Vogue, The Face and POL Magazine.

K-Mart Vintage ADS, fashion, style, retro

1980s...this looks familiar

Oh, yeah, loved the

Machine Knitting News (1985) - perfectly 80s!

Triangles - Perfectly Machine Knitting News 1985

1980s hair, shoes, and rolled / pegged acid-washed jeans! (tucked into the socks, of course!!)

Leather Bomber Jackets & Acid Washed Rolled Pants (I had the exact same jacket on the left and wore it all the time. Loved that jacket.

What the...? Oh no you didn't?

These are the fashion trends brought about in the These include, shoulder pads, leg warmers, parachute pants and many other outrageous clothing styles.

1980s Fashion for Women & Girls | 80s Fashion Trends, Photos and More

Fashion Silhouette: Box Punk colors, extremely loose, grunge look

80s Fashion Trends. Definitely back in style today-Loved this look back then and I'm glad to see this and other 80's fashions coming back.

80s Fashion Trends

Also called “diaper pants,” “genie pants” or “Aladdin pants.