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My face when I first heard that there are sometimes wizards born from two muggle parents.

My face when I first heard that there are sometimes wizards born from two muggle parents. Dumb and Dumber is hilarious.

Thanksgiving Eve beats New Year's Eve at the bar

27 Fascinating Thanksgiving Holiday Facts

Adam Levine Funny | Adam Levine haha! this is funny!

funny meme ain’t nobody got time for that for Adam Levine! Oh yes, I have time for that! Is there someone who doesn't have time for that?

Disgusting, sad, but unfortunately very true!

Free, Workplace Ecard: Some people couldnt be nice even if a Unicorn shoved a Fairy Wand up their ass while Judy Garland stood there singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Oh my gosh yes!! This used to be my favorite Internet game!

Disney channel games back in the day! I remember playing this and the Phil from the future game

Hahaha now I'm going to do this everytime; just like that.

I do this when no one is around…


Turn that PBR into Michelob Ultra, and you've got Thursday Night Hockey with the ladies . fast forward about 30 years.

My wife used this exact logic in this exact situation to get me to iron all my own clothes.  Plus, she stinks at it.

Funny pictures about Boyfriend Logic. Oh, and cool pics about Boyfriend Logic. Also, Boyfriend Logic.

Lol, the older I get, the truer this is!! :)

Relationship Tips - Do You Have Trust Issues? Most trust issues come from not…

So after 10 times of repeating it in all different voices i finally got what it was saying lol

ermahgerd I saw the cat's face and couldnt stop laughing so I had to pin :)

stupid people are annoying

stupid people are annoying

oh my :o#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#


Why do you watch Food Network? It doesn't make your cooking any better. Why do you watch porn…? Get the fuck out.

I don't always go on Web MD but when I do, I learn I'm going to die soon.

I don't always send texts when i'm drunk But when i do, i close one eye so i can focus The Most Interesting Man In The World