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“Probing Israel for killing Palestinians stupid”

Israeli Prime Minister says Sweden’s call for an investigation into killing of Palestinians by Israeli forces is outrageous, immoral and stupid.

The Debate - 'Israel State Terrorism' (29.11.2015)

The Debate - 'Israel State Terrorism' (Nov


Jewish Rabbis protested at the DNC against Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine and war crimes against Palestinian civilians. Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss g.

Netanyahu says Iran Intends to Destroy Israel

Former Israeli security commanders: Netanyahu speech will bring Iran closer to the bomb

Israel punishes Palestinians for murder of 3 Israeli teens.

As Israel appears to be preparing for yet another assault on the Gaza Strip, what does it want to achieve? Is the goal to completely destroy Hamas? And shoul.

NEWS & VNR's - the Ultimate Mind Weapons - Kill Your TV NOW!

This clip is more pertinent today than the day I first addressed VNR's some years back.

Israel's Descent into Barbarism - Norman Finkelstein on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)

Israeli ground troops were briefed to regard everything inside Gaza as a 'threat' and they should 'not spare ammo', and tanks fired randomly or for revenge on buildings without knowing whether they were legitimate military targets or contained civilians.

Judge Napolitano Fired after this Broadcast ∞ Israel & Saudi more Danger...

Judge Napolitano Fired after this Broadcast ∞ Israel & Saudi more Dangerous Enemies than iran

Republic Broadcasting Network » Israel in Incremental Tyranny

Why does the majority allow a very small minority to pass legislation the people clearly oppose? Worse still why do we allow back room deals obligating the majority for the benefit of a select few? When a small group of elites controls the.