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The Battle Between Light And Dark by 12QuillInk12 on DeviantArt

O MA GU! This took so longgggg! Anyway, I did a speed paint on this! So I'll upload the speed paint a bit later . The Battle Between Light And Dark

Breezepelt by Iifeisstrange on DeviantArt

Breezepelt I really despise dA Muro, so I remade the picture above in SAI. I don't know why I wanted to draw Breezepelt.


Mothwing, medicine cat of RiverClan love her ~R

Sneaking Around by http://teelia.deviantart.com/ on DeviantArt

Sneaking Around by Teelia

Bramblestar by serenitywhitewolf.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Trying to figure out a Bramblestar design for future reference, i don't know if i like it or not tbh, i'll probab.

Fuzzypelt and Robinwing with their kits Dustkit and Ravenkit

My entry for the Kit contest on The pic shows Dustkit trying to play with Ravenkit, only to frighten him severely.

Fire will rule the forest by xXInsaneKittyCatXx on DeviantArt

My submission for Twisted Fate contest oAo Firestar and Scourge (Or Rusty and PaleStar) switching places. So when Rusty ventured off int. Fire will rule the forest

Warriors by Erin Hunter| Smudge/ Kittypet. Graypaw, Sandpaw, Ravenpaw, Firepaw & Dustpaw/ Apprentice's of ThunderClan.

I'm in the process of drawing the main characters of WARRIORS: Into the Wild, but there were too many so I split them up into old characters and yo. WARRIORS: into the wild young

Warrior Cat Baddie Batch by DoughWolf on DeviantArt

It was very fun to draw c: As the title states, these are Warrior Cat villains~ I didn't go into de.