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honestly I love this scene. this very well may be my favorite scene in the entire movie. it highlights edward's glee and Bella's desperation for him to have sex with her again. it's wonderful. it shows the edward Robert pattinson is with the grin you see spread across his face. it proves that rob was exactly right for the part and Bella as well. they work so well together and I just think it's absolutely beautiful.

*Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart - Honeymoon scene from . we all know this is so not Edward & Bella

a clear ukulele.  isn't it SOOO...cute?  i want.

a clear ukulele. its weird, but cool, I'm very conflicted, kinda doubt its sound quality tho

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art and dance cardboard and plaster sculpture of ukulele, pre cut instruments out of cardboard. paint on dry plaster a masterpiece inspired imageImagem de acrylic paint, ukulele, and aesthetic

Ukulele Strap The HUG Strap No need for Strap Buttons

Ukulele Strap, The HUG Strap, No need for Strap Buttons, Vintage Floral in Orange and Blue, Hands Free Uke Strap

Ukulele Strap The HUG Strap No need for Strap Buttons