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[It would be fun to see how well I could re-create this using different ground covers in the garden.] Beyond the Human Eye: sunflower

Cross section of the stem of a soybean seedling.dicot stem cross-section

dragon fly wing

Wing of a dragonfly, detail: Photography by Rolf Müller The wing shows a interesting structure: there are cells with a certain angle and look up Fibonacci's Fractals

gyorgy kepes.

Texture Untitled Gyorgy Kepes Sheet: x cm x 7 in.) Photograph, photogram, gelatin silver print with opaque white watercolor Classification: Photographs Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Andreas Feininger  Grasshopper Wings

Andreas Feininger Grasshopper Wings - the simplicity of the photo and the detail it captures is amazing

colorful state of decay by Something To See, via Flickr

❥ dried hydrangea blossoms - I thought they were butterfly wings at first! - So beautiful even when Hydrangea gets dried out -

Ailes libellule

OOAK Fairy Butterfly & Dragonfly Wings

The bee's wings look extremely fragile and paper thin, yet they enable it to get around and live.

X-ray of a Chambered nautilus .Nautilus pompilius. The exquisite, multi-chambered shell of the nautilus serves as its protection as well as its flotation devise. It fills its shell with water when it wants to sink, dispels water to rise, and moves laterally through jet propulsion. The nautilus is a “living fossil”

X-ray Nautilus shell by Bert Myers. Love that I see nautilus shells all the time