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Ohhhhh I love this. I wish everyone in the movement would realize that there's a place for everybody in it. We should work hard to embrace all of our sisters as we work on equality, as well as embracing our brothers as counterparts and allies while we continue to press on in search of progress, whatever that might be. #feminism

Why is it that the image of a feminist is so often misconstrued? I am a feminist, you are a feminist, he is a feminist. WE are what feminists look like. ---------------------------- i will still cut you if you fuck with me :)

Proud feminist :)

urgh this makes me nauseous. I appreciate feminism is vastly diverse and one persons ideologies will differ from another's but 'this' is most definitely not what 'feminism looks like'


I can't always make up my mind, but I am boldly undecided (feminist rants/ questionable advice/ too much pink) Pending messages: over 1000 (i read them all, answer as many as I can, please keep.

Mañana es el Día Internacional de la Mujer – 8 de marzo La condición  actual de mujeres y hombres tiene que ver con la relación de dominación-subordinación que la sustenta: las bases. Los actores de la dominación tienen una estrategia muy clara para que los subordinados crean que son pocos, que están desunidos y que …

As are racism, classism, ageism, abled bodyism, .All are forms of what Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza calls "kyriarchy"

Double standards in our society. The worth of a woman is about more than how sexual she is or isn't

These Illustrations Perfectly Capture the Mixed Messages Women Receive Daily

My body isnt obscene

10 things men find unattractive in women This is a image to show that women are as normal as men. HER BODY, HER RULES

More role models like Malala

épinglé par ❃❀CM❁roaring-softly: Malala Yousafzai, the coolest gal around by Tyler Feder