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carve something into a tree. good thing theres a forest by my house!

bucket list bucket-list Carve yours and your crushes initials in a tree- we'll not crush, maybe husband's ;

Read all of the Harry Potter books. Well I'm going to read them soon. after the series I'm reading

Well I hope to see 5sos when they (hopefully/eventually) go on an American tour.  And I also want to see  All Time Low...I'm seeing One Direction next year. :)

[✔️] saw my favorite band live. (I've been very fortunate - I've seen a lot of incredible artists / bands live in concert) etc.

It was delicious. I like Connies and Gino's East!

I'm from Chicago, so I've eaten Chicago-style pizza many times. Giordano's and Gino's East are the two best pizza places in Chicago.

and then not eat it cause it's too pretty.


I pinned this a while ago onto my bucket list and for my birthday my boyfriend got me an amazing edible arrangement. He knows me so well!

My last few always lasted for about 8 - 10 months, then froze up with the apple symbol, couldn't reset.

TextMe turns your iPod into a phone with today’s launch (exclusive)

I've owned 3 ipod's now. First one was a turquoise shuffle. Then a black generation iPod touch I got for only eighty bucks from a friend. Now my current one I bought all on my own the brand new generation iPod touch, white in color

Bucket List With Him. <3

I need to find a drive-in movie theater around here. These are so fun

CHECK x 2 #bucketlist

I love kids so much and I really want to be a mother someday. Hopefully I will be as great a mother as my mom is to me :)

I would not want to see the winter O's but the summer would be great,

watch the olympics live! preferably track, gymnastics, or swimming. I love the summer olympics

Shopping in New York! Can't wait for our New York trip in 4 years. #awesome #excited #shopping

Shopping in New York! Can't wait for our New York trip in 4 years.

Bucket List. Before I Die.

iPhone 4 S - What a phone and soon to be replaced with the heavily anticipated iPhone 5