В interiors_ru недавно искали обои для дома в стиле стимпанк, причем не представляли себе, что это такое и как выглядит, просили картинок для примера. Решила и у себя в журнале свой ответ Чемберлену запостить, подредактировав (почти до неузнаваемости), в смысле добавив дополнительной информации.…

So how do you dress? I mean, do you have a strict style that you always go for? Lord knows there are a ton of different styles out there, and for some peop

Cris Ortega - Ex Machina

Cris Ortega - Ex Machina

This amazing steampunk laptop should serve as inspiration enough to keep you writing. Imagine all the beautiful and stories you would write on this!

Steampunk Laptop

Funny pictures about Gorgeous Steampunk Laptop. Oh, and cool pics about Gorgeous Steampunk Laptop. Also, Gorgeous Steampunk Laptop photos.

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Steampunk-Inspired Train Grills

I need a new Dragon ! Steampunk Dragon by Vintedge artworks - Lance Oscarson

Belgian Coffeemaker - it's awesome. I have one.

A steampunk coffee maker to give your kitchen that science laboratory vibe.but I'm don't drink coffee so I'm thinkin some kind of drink maker.

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Steampunk Angler Fish from Photos of Nike CEO Mark Parker's office.

℃	℉	°	✿	ϟ	☃	☂	✄	¢	€	£	⚓	∞	✪	➳	☯	✡	☪

He looks so very serious. This steam punk portrait looks neato in Black and White!

Cheshire Cat

She looked up at the golden pipes as her eyes fell upon the metal cat."asked Alice. The cat let out a big, toothy grin. "You are in Wonderland~" The cat cooed. Steampunk Alice L Tucker