Steampunk Tendencies, schooling all the nerf gun repaints!!

Steampunk Tendencies, schooling all the nerf gun repaints! No way, those are nerf guns?

Steampunk Train Barbecue Grill #provestra

Having a BBQ? Having a steampunk BBQ? So, would you cook on the famous Steampunk Train Barbecue Grill?

DIY Fairy Lanterns!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This would be great for a tinker bell costume. Not necessarily Tink-but maybe vidia, or the pirate fairy, all her colored dusts! Fire Pixie Fashion: LED Fairy Lights - Steampunk Costume Accessory and Fairy Room Decor

steampunkinsects - these are real bugs & insects that have antique watch components!

Mike Libby is a Maine-based artist who glues old watch parts on dead bugs to create steampunk looking insects. Which actually seem pretty cool until you realize that this is what robots will really look like in a few.

Steampunk - what it is and where you will find it #infographic

Le steampunk va devenir tendance, c'est IBM qui le dit

Lady Mechanika

Comic Book Art by Jamie Tyndall, via Behance. I'm really starting to really love steam punk.