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25 New Names for Animals That are Far More Accurate (I laughed out LOUD at a few!)

25 funny new names for real animals that are far more fitting. This renaming is hilarious and spot on accurate.


Why cats never became man's best friend

Why are so many atheists angry at Christianity? Why aren't we anti-theists people who can just live and let live? I've had a hard time trying to explain why to people. So this is a central hub of.

Frankly my dear.... I don't give a damn

Cat Mandu some of you know that I had some rough cat times lately. This is yet to be named cat who joined my feline family two weeks ago from the New York City shelter. I was told he was a Norwegian Forest cat.

Hehe! ;)

you make a better door then a window homie :/

LOL I love it when a cat has a human like face.  I totally see it here!!

LOL I love it when a cat has a human like face. I totally see it here!

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ANGER is but one letter short of DANGER...Lol Animal Humor | Cats

33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You

Control your anger, bad temper by understanding its cause, and how it develops from an emotion to an outburst. Don't let anger control you.

These cats are not pleased. You have exactly five seconds to move it or lose it.