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Dancers in a jazz club, Washington, D., between 1938 and Photograph by William P. William P. Gottlieb Collection, Library of Congress Music Division.

Lindy Hop, Frankie Manning, one of the greatest!!! I've met him in person! Coolest moment ever <3

Lindy Hop, Frankie Manning, one of the greatest! {My swing instructor and his wife got to meet him for his And my swing instructor's wife got to dance with him. I'm slightly jealous!

updownsmilefrown:    Leon James and Willa Mae Ricker demonstrate the Lindy Hop, 1942.

Willa Mae Ricker & Leon James demonstrate the Lindy Hop,

Norma Miller & Frankie Manning! <3

Norma Miller & Frankie Manning! <3


Frankie Manning, Ambassador of Lindy Hop. He's kind of a big deal.

Via www.sharonmdavis.com:   “Swing dancing” is an umbrella term for any dance done to swinging jazz music from the 1920s, 30s or 40s. The most popular (and spectacular) of these dances was the Lindy Hop - a partnered dance that evolved out of the Charleston in the late 1920s, in Harlem New York.   It is named after aviator Charles Lindbergh (1927 newspaper headlines read “Lindy Hops The Atlantic”). It is sometimes just called The Lindy, and some parts of the world knew it as The Jitterbug.

DANCE~Winning Couple of the September 1946 Jitterbug Contest.NYC Park and Rec.

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New Jersey, Swing dance, Lindy Hop is an African American dance form in the spirit of celebrating freedom from slavery.

Jazz+Dance+Tumblr | ... swing jazz o simplemente swing es un estilo de jazz que se origino en

The Savoy Ballroon was located in Harlem New York and open from 1926 to It was one of the most famous dance halls of the swing era. The Savoy was an integrated ballroom unlike the Cotton Club.

I feel like I should know who this couple is, but I don't. To anyone who can name these people: I'll give you a cookie.

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Aerial WOW!! :-)

The Lindy Hop is famous for some of its over-the-head, around-the-body, under-the-legs crazy-acrobatic lifts and moves!

Josephine Baker (June 3, 1906 – April 12, 1975) was an American-born French dancer, singer, & actress. Born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis, she became a citizen of France in 1937. Fluent in both English & French, Baker became an international musical & political icon. She was given such nicknames as the "Bronze Venus" & the "Black Pearl". Baker was the first African American female to star in a major motion picture & the first to become a world-famous entertainer. She adopted 12…

Josephine Baker (June 1906 – April was an American-born French…

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The creation of the zoot suit can be traced to Harlem in the mid to late Initially an African American youth fashion, closely connected to jazz culture, the zoot suit was co-opted by a generation of Mexican American youth.

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Inspirational Jean Veloz dances like a teenager at 87 - Steps on Toes Dance Lessons

The Lindy Hop dance of the '30s and '40's.

The Lindy Hop dance of the and

Suffragette protestor | An American suffragette with an umbrella stands next to a baby carriage and wears a sign proclaiming 'Women! Use your vote,' circa 1920//

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Women were reviled, kicked, beaten, ostracized and battled so women could vote. Don't disrespect their sacrifice by not exercising your vote -- every time you have the chance. -- "An American suffragette proclaiming 'Women! Use your vote,' circa "

Lindy Hop on LIFE Magazine Cover

Life Magazine Lindy Cover, and scans of the magazine pages featuring lindy!