Lego Rome wasn't built in a day.

Certified Lego builder Ryan McNaught has created the world's first Lego Colosseum, an architectural model that required Lego bricks,

Contact 1 Extra Terrestrial City Built From 200000 LEGO Bricks by Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is raising funds for CONTACT A Piece LEGO Masterwork on Kickstarter! Massive LEGO builds celebrating spirituality, peaceful ET contact and fantastical worlds. First work: LEGO pieces, hours.

LEGO Sculpture // "Emergence of an Artist"

LEGO Sculpture // "Emergence of an Artist". From the Nathan Sawaya exhibit at the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut.

LEGO Queen Mary 2

Model of "Queen Mary II" ship built from LEGO blocks, scale It took about hours to build this model, it contains pieces of LEGO and weight 875 kg.

DSC01579 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

There’s nothing like a massive LEGO diorama to prove that you’ve arrived as a LEGO builder. The LEGO dioramas we feature here span everything from realistic medieval castles to scenes from World War II, and more than a few post-apocalyptic wastelands.