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Straws in the sun

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Make your own printed fabric: InkoDye.

Make your own fabric prints using the sun ~ Inkodye is a light-sensitive dye for textiles/ natural fibers, including wood and raw leather.

See how solar flares, sun storms and huge eruptions from the sun work in this SPACE.com infographic.

Anatomy of Sun Storms & Solar Flares Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Science category. Check out Anatomy of Sun Storms & Solar Flares now!

Sun & Moon Sketchbook

New from eeBoo, the Sun & Moon Sketchbook features a glow-in-the-dark cover! Having trouble getting that reluctant child started with journaling or drawing? Eeboo's fanciful art pad covers are sure to

How the Sun's Magnetic Field Works (Infographic) by Karl Tate, Infographics Artist

How the Sun's Magnetic Field Works (Infographic) by Karl Tate, Infographics Artist

100+ Songs About Sun & Sunshine

100+ Songs About Sun & Sunshine

The Sun, is a planet that is situated in the center of our solar system. Come and explore some facts about the Solar system.

Sky Phenomena: Sun Dogs: "...an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun.    Sundogs may appear as a colored patch of light to the left or right of the sun, 22° distant and at the same distance above the horizon as the sun, and in ice halos. They can be seen anywhere in the world during any season, but they are not always obvious or bright. Sundogs are best seen and are most conspicuous when the sun is…

Sundog Light Phenomenon, Manitoba, Canada, 2005 Photograph by Norbert Rosing A solar phenomenon known as a sundog arcs over the tundra in.

Eris is the fifth dwarf planet from the sun, making it the eleventh planetary body from the Sun, and the most distant known natural object from th

Margot Trudell's infographics ”communicate to people what we’ve managed to accomplish in space exploration in simple terms”

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The sun is degrees Fahrenheit and miles away from Earth. It is also times the size of Earth. Earths would fit inside it. If Earth was a golf ball, the sun would be 15 feet in diameter.