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little raph had a bad dream by PiccoToxin

little Mikey had a bad dream by PiccoToxin

So F#$#$%g CUTE!!!

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I'm sorry I played with your toy.

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Heartwarming times with Mikey and Donnie

TMNT Raphaels Presents Extension by Dragona15 on deviantART  At first I was like "Aw, how sweet." And then I got to the last few panels... T.T Oh Raph...

TMNT Raphaels Presents Extension by on deviantART Ow that hurt.

Oh my goodness, that is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!!!!! *squees happily*

i thik donnie feels like the ugly duckling

Leonardo and his voice are hitting puberty by Neko-mirichan

hahahahaha so great. Leo´s voice is changing because he is becoming an adult.

Reference to the 2014 movie

TMNT 2014 movie watched it last nice

Brotherly love

leos-wormstache: ““You don’t have to face this alone. It didn’t come out the way I hoped but none of drawings ever do really soooo I’m gonna leave this here.

Damn it Casey. by *Samantai on deviantART

Damn it Casey. by *Samantai on deviantART-Poor Donnie.

Sleep well by FREAKfreak.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Sweet silence of sleep. --- So cute I actually started to cry!

Michael Sinterniklaas | Tumblr

Love that wink

TMNT- Sandwich by ~ArtKat on deviantART

Splinter be like 'fucking kids.

Aww... So sad!!! (I'm trying to decide if it's when they're little... But I guess it's after SAINW...)

omg SAINW was so friggin sad!

Brotherhood by Greys-Giovana on deviantART

whatever happened to LEAN, green, ninja team?

Raphzilla Comic by iceicefangurl

Raphzilla Comic by iceicefangurl

I love this movie!!!!!! Hey look. He's doing his batman voice. Love that part

The movie stinks compared to the show but this scene was great.