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LEGO Dalek.

LEGO Dalek: 32 fan-built Lego tributes to science fiction . not sure if this goes on my Doctor Who board or my Lego board

10 Star Wars Lego Pictures to Nerd Out On Check more at http://8bitnerds.com/10-star-wars-lego-pictures-to-nerd-out-on/

10 Star Wars Lego Pictures to Nerd Out On

Lego Dalek, pretty cool... Why can't this happen in my country????

Lego Dalek, pretty cool...

It's a LEGO DALEK. Be srtill my heart. Orig comment: This Dalek is particularly evil. It leaves bricks scattered around your living room floor.


Funny pictures about Predator LEGO. Oh, and cool pics about Predator LEGO. Also, Predator LEGO photos.

how to build a dalek out of legos. not saying i'm gonna need this, but i'm gonna need this.

Daleks of the Day: Lego Dalek Instructions Time to take apart my little brother's LEGO sets!

Hahaha i saw the video on this!!! I think he slept in it for a night!?! and he even had a lego toothbrush

James May and his full-size Lego house nobody wants

Lego House - Built by James May (of Top Gear fame) this real-life Lego house is both a masterpiece and May’s dream come to life. May came up with the idea for a Lego house after a conversation with friends at the pub.

Under the sea

lego ocean scene - very creative use of transparent blocks. Adding a towering wave would be even more awesome :)

Quiero que me hagan el favor de los muñecos navideño s

I'm jealous, frightened & in lovewith the level of geek shown here . LEGO Ghostbusters HQ & Vehicles<--and this is why I love