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Poor Tony xD

So cute, but I will fight Baby Hulk for Baby Iron Man! (is that bucky bear?

keep calm... some are better than others

Keep Calm - Avengers Assemble collection I made for fun. Love the Avengers and comics and thought this was a nice twist. Keep Calm - Avengers Assemble - Complete Collectio

We're not on our journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes. --Joseph Campbell

Super heroes and their secret identities! (Or in Tony's case not so secret) Spiderman and Peter Parker, Clark Kent and Superman, Iron Man and Tony Stark, and Batman and Bruce Wayne.

When I was younger, I never realized that Static Shock was DC

Static Shock knew how to pull off a good cross-over! <<<<< True the Batman Beyond/ Statics one was also good! Static + Batman = Good Cross-over Xx