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graphic black and white + hand drawn text in different weights and colors + high-intensity feeling/// Yves Saint Laurent by François-Marie Banier

Holger Matthies  Just love this simple and quirky image and how the typography and photo relate. Great stuff!

Graphic design inspiration, posters and covers

Learn to play piano! being a pianist, I find this really cool because the separation between fingers creates different white keys. They did a really good job here.

Michal Batory, France Piano Folies

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Прекрасные обложки книг (86 фото)

Shame on David Pearson for lifting this and failing to give credit where it's due. The Gettysburg Address Author: Abraham Lincoln Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd Designer: David Pearson

Color, shapes and good taste, graphic design inspiration

Color, shapes and good taste, graphic design inspiration

I can look for hours on asian calligraphy. Rise of the Legend. Chinese movie poster of the remade story based on a martial arts legendary figure, Wong Fei Hong - Chinese calligraphy-type design - graphic design-Asian lettering and styleframes