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Ocean Giant, Whale Watching, San Diego, California photo via glitterball. My dream! My life is becoming soooo wonderful!

Yep, me in two years...

Two of the main concerns that scientists have regarding the Great White Shark Cage Diving industry is the use of baits to distract sharks from normal feedi.

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Extreme ~ Great white sharks are like the grizzly bears of the sea. What may start as a peaceful and beautiful encounter can go completely south in a split second. Wild animals must ALWAYS be treated with respect and caution.

Whale Watching, Redline Rafting, Maui, HI, Humpback

Whale watching has become an increasingly popular worldwide activity, and the Dominican Republic is fortunate to have one of the largest and best humpback breeding sanctuaries in the world.

The Baby Turtle | Encyclopaedia of Babies of Beautiful Wild Animals

A green sea turtle hovering over a reef is cleaned by a school of fish in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. photo be Andre Seale

Things To Do In Jamaica | Top Things to Do in Jamaica on Family Trips

Your Jamaican Family Vacation Must-Do List

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Dominican Republic Whales Soft-In-Water Encounters & Snorkeling with Oceanic Society. My husband's dream is to swim with whales!

Freediving with Whalesharks - Bahía Concepción, Philippines

BUCKET LIST: Go scuba diving and get up close to marine life Freediving with Whalesharks by Phil Symonds

Diving with whales ... pic. by Matthew Coutts

swimming with a whale - matthew coutts.but some people have to go a step further than a Dolphin!


The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest known extant fish species. Love all the remoras attached to this one :) STOP EATING SHARK'S FIN SOUP


Whale kiss, on one of Pachicos Grey whale watching boats in San Ignacio Lagoon Baja Mexico.

Belugas like making new friends | Amazingly Timed Photos

Belugas like making new friends – The day at the aquarium just become a heartwarming experience. The beluga sure likes to entertain the guests.

♀ Like to swimming in nature...to bad it's too cold to do it in San Francisco bay area (#whale #sharks #models adventure fashion photography)

Spectacular Underwater Whale Shark Fashion Shoot - Marine life photographer Shawn Heinrichs collaborated with fashion photographer Kristian Schmidt on this completely awe-inspiring underwater project!

Касатка на охоте

This is an amazing shot of Penguins and Orca! ^^^ thats a poor penguin who was kicked out of the group to be sacrificed to a killer. But hey it's an amazing shot. Shot off the cliff and fed to a whale