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The Royal Collection: Henry VII,  Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII and Jane Seymour

A copy of the famous Whitehall Mural which was destroyed by fire in featuring Henry VII, Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII, and Jane Seymour. This copy is by Remigius van Leemput c. On display at the Royal Collection, Windsor Castle

The House of Tudor, 1485 - 1603

The Royal House of Tudor created the Golden Age of England. Search this pre British royal family tree for detailed descriptions of it's royal members

Queen Jane Seymour - Henry VIII's beloved 3rd wife - only wife to provide a son, yet died soon after giving birth. Henry went into a great depression after she died because of his love for her.

Queen Jane Seymour, Third Wife of Henry VIII Henry actually claimed Jane to be his most beloved of wives, and the one he regretted most (mother of his only living son) most likely because she didn't live long enough for him to tire of her

Holbein el joven. Retratos de Enrique VIII - Buscar con Google

Iconic image of Henry VIII in confrontational stance leaving us in no doubt who is in charge! Hans Holbein, Portrait of Henry VIII

Edward VI, the last Tudor King. Son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour and younger half brother of Queen Elizabeth I.

Portrait of Edward VI as Prince of Wales Oil Painting - Hans Holbein the Younger


Portrait du roi Edward VI, fils de Henry VIII et Jeanne Seymour, siècle

Jane Seymour's badge and motto, "Bound to Obey and Serve". Jane was never officially crowned Queen.

Jane Seymour, badge and motto. Third wife of Henry VIII. She died from child bed fever after delivering Henry's longed for son. She was not officially crowned Queen.

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Engraving of Will Somers, Henry VIIIs Jester - king-henry-viii Photo

An engraving of Will Somers, Henry VIII's Court Jester.Wallpaper and background photos of Engraving of Will Somers, Henry VIII's Jester for fans of King Henry VIII images.

Henry VIII by Joos van Cleve, ca. 1535. Painted during his brief marriage to his second wife, Anne Boleyn. He actually looks handsome in this picture.

Henry VIII -- -- Joos van Cleve -- Flemish -- Oil on wood -- British Royal Trust Collection

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Was Henry VIII to blame for his wives’ miscarriages? Monarch had rare blood disease that also sent him mad

King Henry VIII was born on this day June, King of England and second son of Henry VII he married six times, beheaded two wives, broke away from the Catholic Church to form the Church of England.