When it comes to boyfriends, no one quite measures up to a Cancer.

7 Reasons Cancers Are The Best Boyfriend Material In The Zodiac


"When you smile I can feel all my passion unfolding. Your hand brushes mine and a thousand sensations seduce me.

You. Ur smile. Ur voice. Ur hair. Ur existence. Ur everything. You.~~~ yari

are amazing.are beautiful.are the love of my life.are my Soulmate.are my heart& one desire.are you and that& perfect to me!

How Gamer Couples Get It On | VRGags

Haha, I will never have a relationship this perfect. I'll never even have a relationship O_O.nahhhh I won't have a relationship that good

Ughhhh wanntt

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a whole new world of black skies and neon lights a world of hope And incredible, extreme feelings But it's a world of danger and constant fear And I'm going to it