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"Hogwarts" and "home" have always felt synonymous to me, weirdly so for someone who lives in a different country, even a different century, than the book it comes from.

#hpotterfacts 074. wowwww. that six movie was done the worst by far all them were done better than expected but the six was a little bad

Harry Potter Facts It too set designers 16 weeks to build the model of the Burrow for the Half-Blood Prince, and it took 6 minutes to burn down.

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Harry Potter Fact About Hedwig, I wish she didn't get killed. She was one of my favourite animals in Harry Potter

He would go and marry Hanna Abbott, a Hufflepuff, because that seems perfect. :D<<<< NO!! I ship neville and luna!!

Harry Potter Facts: I admit, i REALLY wanted Neville to marry Luna; in the last movie, Neville asked Harry "Have you seen Luna? About time I told her, since we're both probably going to be dead by dawn.