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My demons crawl out of the shadows in my room, and begin to make their way towards me. They point their claws at where my razors hide, and saying "Don't be afraid to die". But I tremble and I shake, for I promised my loved ones, but they begin to speak the truth. When night comes I fear that I might never wake again, but perhaps an angel song will bring me somewhere new.

I love the night. The night brings the dark. The dark brings that wonderful,primal,wild,fear.

Now I am free, and flowers will grow from my bones

"You weren't the first," a pitying smile touched her lips as she patted the man's cheek, "you won't be the last either.

There's one too many of us trapped in here, but there is only us two.

he/him, panace, pastry chef, artist, australian~ art tag:twitch arts (if you want to tag my art as kin ask first)

At time I feel myself forgetting that's she's dead. I'll pick up the phone and dial her number. It always takes some time till I realise that that doesn't work anymore.

your voice, the sound of them shouting over the roar of the walkers, your sight as it begins to fade, everything fades until all you can make out is blurred figures and screaming.

Psychic, Santa Clara

Neon sign on side of psychic's building, El Camino Real, Santa Clara, California.