Medieval and Renaissance Instruments: The Organetto - Note: If you got to original website for these instruments, you can hear what most of them sound like played.

The organetto was one of the most popular instruments of the thirteenth through sixteenth centuries. Relatively light in weight, the instrument, when equipped with a sling, could be carried about and played in religious processions.

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Interestingly enough this Ancient Greek Musical Instruments represent few of traditional instruments. After all the name came from Greek of


Miao Men Playing Traditional Bamboo Musical Instrument, China

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Medieval Musical Instruments | Vièle (vithele) - CMC 74-1277/S99-03/CD98-169

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How to Build a PVC Pipe Organ Musical Instrument that produces sound by driving pressured air (called wind) through organ pipes selected via a keyboard.

Medieval Musical Instruments | Vithele (medieval viol) - CMC 74-126/S93-314/CD95-707

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