Anrealage yukata ISETAN YUKATA SELECTION イセタンユカタセレクション - Artistic director Yamaguchi Soudai 山口壮大 - 2014

I can see taking apart multiple pieces of clothing, made of the same or compatible fabrics, and maybe even dying everything the same color, such as this lovely blue.

❧ cats everywhere - des chats partout ❧

A contemporary kimono ensemble for the cat lover in you! While we usually turn our now up at the trend of “matching” kimono and obi and accessories because it ignores the elegance and subtlety of.

【画像あり】戦前の日本の写真って意外におしゃれでびっくりするよね : まとめでぃあ

【画像あり】戦前の日本の写真って意外におしゃれでびっくりするよね : まとめでぃあ

Japanese summer kimono, Yukata 浴衣

"I think the silhouette of the kimono costume will become engraved in people's minds" - COLLEEN ATWOOD - (Japanese summer kimono)