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Funny and silly signs: Funny zoo sign: Please Be Safe! Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick!

I'd love to have this stop sign in my town. .


There's a funny Stop sign near my house that says "Hammertime" under it. It always makes me smile and remember when "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer was a huge hit. Apparently there are quite a few Stop signs with graffiti pertaining to song lyrics.

Funny pics

This sign really gets the point across

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

I can not tell you how many times in geocaching THIS sign would have been valuable. This is SO funny!

dandelions and dragonflies: Notice and Note (part 1)

NOTICE: Thank You for Noticing This Notice - Your Noticing it Has Been Noticed and Will be Reported to the Authorities.

don't believe them

"All you can eat buffet. Not mean all day buffet. You no come stay 4 hour. You eat - You go home.

Some fun stuff for you :)

Everybody gets a meme

Hilarious road signs, sad that they had to be made for stupid people

Good Distinction to Make. Still questionable advertising

Good Distinction to Make

The importance of Clarity - Septic tanks pumped, Swimming pools filled, not same truck


Funny pictures about Speed bumps. Oh, and cool pics about Speed bumps. Also, Speed bumps.

Funny Exam Answers

Some funny exam answers!

How to fail a test. This is truly hilarious. I can't wait to be a teacher and see what hilarious things kids come up with.