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Page 164 - Relationships - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED lol well played sista

Personalized emergency sirens

Personalized emergency sirens

That last one tho In a near future // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Oh man! I've seen this picture a million times and only now just realized that her dress sleeve!!!ahhhhh!!!!

Took a while to figure this one out…


10 Smart-Ass Children Who Should 100% be Our Next President

Funny pictures about These puns are gold. Oh, and cool pics about These puns are gold. Also, These puns are gold.

Angry birds | The Lolbrary - New Funny Random Pictures Added Daily

Fucking cassowary-- IM ALREADY DEAD LAUGHING AT THIS DESCRIPTION. they need an adult zoo just to have these descriptions hahaha also, this bird is pretty much Kevin from the movie UP. always wondered wtf he was and now i think i figured it out!

Cage as Disney

Princess Nicolas Cage - just when you thought "Disney Nicholas Cage" meant National Treasure


28 Child Geniuses That Are Clearly Going to Go Far in Life

Pin for Later: These LOL-Worthy Homework Assignments Fail So Badly They Win Stuck on an Island That's some serious thinking ahead.

I'm SORRY about the language (AND SORRY THAT YOU WON'T SEE THIS APOLOGY UNTIL AFTER YOU READ IT), but this literally had me CRYING with laughter. I want to be those guys' best friend.

Not again, I’m just trying to tell a joke…

Funny pictures about Knock Knock Joke Goes a Little Too Far. Oh, and cool pics about Knock Knock Joke Goes a Little Too Far. Also, Knock Knock Joke Goes a Little Too Far.