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life of a theatre kid. Have them all the time.

awww man have such awkward/funny conversations with this guy that's older than me who i have a scene with xD

Theatre Kid // Yes, yes, yes. It annoys me so much. Specially when I can HEAR the whispers from one wing to the other, I mean, how loud can you whisper if I can hear from this far? Also, those are the damn dancers (we have dancers apart from actors, because we don't have musical theatre here) and they think they're better so they feel free to talk when actors are on stage. Not fun.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

Haha, watching none theatre kids on tour and they start touching stuff. Me jumping up and down screaming behind them

life of a theatre kid.

Add: slowly turning your family against you because you're the only one who loves theatre with a passion and will not shut up about it.

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it can be the most terrifying and calming places, at the exact same time

Theatre is one of my happy places.preferably onstage but in the audience seeing things works too.<<<<< My one safe place is my theatre studio.