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fairy tail, Lucy, and zodiac signs image<<<Don't get me started on Homestuck fans see zodiac signs.

Fairy tail

A hero Can fail An optimist Can lose all hope The light Can become the dark An innocent Can be guilty The powerful Can become powerless - Fairy Tail Guild

How Tough Are You?

How Tough Are You?

So cute (Beaty/Beast, Prince/Knight, Dragon/Princess) then the stripper and the stalker. Haha!

I read these in order of right to left thought it was really profound and beautiful until I got to gruvia and started laughing.


Naruto time after time I discover more. This makes me want to cry. Especially Gaara and Itachi. I LOVE GAARA!

Juvia Lockser; Natsu Dragneel; Gajeel Redfox & Lucy Heartfilia

I was watching fairytail and this scene came onnand gave me the fiarytail sad feels to were i sctually started to cry