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Cynthia.  My favorite so far, but she's hard to beat on the games! Lol

ass barefoot blonde hair blue eyes book feet hair ornament hair over one eye lying on stomach open book pokemon reading shirona (pokemon) soles solo souji toes unown - Image View -

「【C89】新刊サンプル【pkmn】」/「もっき★冬コミ1日目ノ45b」の漫画 [pixiv]

bare arms bare legs bare shoulders barefoot black hair blue eyes blush breasts brown hair chorimokki cleavage fake horns full body hair ribbon haruka (pokemon) haruka (pokemon) (remake) higana (pokemon) holding hands hoodie horned headwear kagari (p

Pokemon | Awesome Cynthia

bad id blonde hair full body fur trim hair ornament hair over one eye highres holding holding poke ball long hair matsuryuu poke ball pokemon pokemon (game) pokemon dppt shirona (pokemon) solo

Pokemon concepts - Cynthia by Gurrenken

Those legs -_-' well concept on what she may look like during 11 years old. back to some unfinished pages, art and requests.

pokemon+cynthia | Cynthia Pokemon Lineart: cynthia pokemon

pokemon+cynthia | Cynthia Pokemon Lineart: cynthia pokemon

Evee's other forms

To the guy waiting for all Eeveelutions, I just hope Nintendo consider this Pokemon, Evolution and Eevee Evolutions

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One fault: Gardevoir doesn't change from non shiny into shiny upon megaevolution. Otherwise AWESOME!

5% Encounter, 95% Bonding

That's What You Get for Training a Naughty Gardevoir ಠ_ಠ Does it happen to know nasty Plot?