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Paul Rudd :-*

Hey Christian Girl you are beautiful. Really i just love Paul Rudd!

paul rudd

Is there anyone cooler in movies these days than Paul Rudd? In honor of the greatness that is Rudd, here are his 10 greatest film roles.

Yep, Paul Rudd is pretty much perfect. | Why Paul Rudd Is A Dream Come True For Every Man, Woman And Child

Yep, Paul Rudd is pretty much perfect. He's so attractive in the "boy-next-door", nerdy sort of way. And his eyes are an interesting color.

Oh My..Oh My....Oh My!!!!   Paul Rudd

43 Photos Of Paul Rudd In Honor Of His 43rd Birthday

Paul Rudd actor y guionista estadounidense n.

Paul Rudd - bc humor can make an average looking guy sexy...

funny, smart and cute.

Paul Rudd - I would laugh and laugh. I would be the best dinner ever.

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd quoted this! " I always thought I'd be a really good gay guy. I love gay guys. I feel pretty gay! I'm certainly not the most macho guy in the room"

paul rudd and adam scott, photographed for black book magazine by dan monick

adam scott and paul rudd Funny Men

Love me some Paul Rudd

The sexiest funny guy

If things don't work out between me and Bradley Cooper *knocks on wood,* I'll gladly take Paul Rudd as well. :)

Loved Paul Rudd since clueless

More Luke inspiration - picture a younger Paul Rudd, but more outdoorsy.

Paul Rudd: Everybody's Buddy

Paul Rudd- funny, smart AND good looking. a dangerous trio!

#jewish #hot

#jewish #hot

Another Paul Rudd... he's beautiful

Paul Rudd: Sexy and funny!

Paul Rudd then: Hot | 19 Guys That Prove Men Get Hotter With Age

Paul Rudd then: Hot

Paul Rudd’s acting years until Ant-Man happened

Paul Rudd. Love The Moody Light Next To The Window Especially From the shadows From The Blinds.

Paul Rudd, hot cuz he's so funny

paul rudd: cute and funny. Everything I want in a man.

paul rudd: cute and funny. Loved since clueless one of my favorite men

37 Reasons You Can't Help But Love Paul Rudd

37 Reasons You Can't Help But Love Paul Rudd

Omg probably first legit crush was Josh from Clueless 37 Reasons You Can't Help But Love Paul Rudd