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and if I was honest... •

--you remind me of all the beautiful things in life.the way your face lights up when you smile-- c.

Makes me happy.

I think I love the ocean because it's calm, beautiful, infinite. But also angry, harsh, magnificent. And that intrigues me.

I don't know what's up with the grammar of this post, but nevertheless, it is a wonderful checklist of life.

An Econ Teacher Gave His Senior High School Students His Personal List Of Wisest Words

All except 3 & Better than "Learn from the mistakes of others." Better than "There is no 'We'. you (individually) have NOTHING to do with their success or failure" Solid advice - I love this. (Hate the typos, though.

Never thought I'd betrayed by someone who claimed to love me more then anything.

People always say "why regret what you once wanted?" but if I had known what I know now I never would have wanted it in the first place

The Antagonista

Beautiful things happen in the dark, when the sun goes to sleep when the stars give light kisses when the Moon is a spotlight . life stays beautiful even when You are covered in darkness ~K.

but i adore everyone who adores me first, and i cannot tell the difference between that and real love anymore

I cannot tell the difference between that and real love anymore. We all chase things and people, and hide among them, and then wonder why happiness never finds us.

Simply Bekah | feelinhipsterxo

ABOUT ME: I like the smell of earth, the touch of waves, the taste of berries. The sight of trees the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive

Shattered Starlight by Erin Hanson. This is gorgeous, it has to be one of my favorite poems right now. I think it's my favorite poem.

All day I pluck their petals <3

I tried to forget but you grew roots around my ribcage and sprouted flowers just below my collar bones. All day I pluck their petals but I have not yet ascertained whether you love me or not.


Many different things can cause depression and each leaves its own mark; understand that you are human and need to address the things that happen to you in order to maintain a healthy state of mind. Life throws all kinds of things at