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Earth by Anish Chandran - Motion Design that is simple yet engaging

This perfectly maps to a modern take on digital. I think having a few transitions that draw out the point to the W, then connect to make the shape and reveal the wordmark would be amazing.

12 Perfect Examples Of Motion Design By Mark Pearson

Motion design is great to get into, but it takes time to master. Graphic Designer and Animator Mark Pearson has all but mastered motion design, he's posted one


expand These absolutely amazing GIFs are made by Matthew DiVito and they are definitely some of the best artisitic GIFs ever made.

Jokūbas Setkauskas is a freelance graphic designer from Lithuania. - All images via Jokūbas 's Dribbble

Inspiração Tipográfica #187

Inspiração Tipográfica #187

Adrenalin Games 2013 numbers by Ivaylo Nedkov. Animated by SilaSveta.

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Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Animated interface elements reveal the process and functionality of a UI much better than static text.

Circle Loading Animation by Warren Lebovics

Circle Loading Animation

Inspired by "Circular loading lovely" shot. I'll try to sneak this in to my next project :)