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Fingon as High King for kingfingon by luaen #silmarillion #fanart

SindarElf FB ~ Fingon as High King ~ DeviantArt by Iuaen


Eldar, Fruits and Flowers: Fingon and Stock

"A new power has arisen. Against it, there is no hope...none can now doubt its victory, which is near at hand. We fought it in vain - and foolishly."

lord of the rings Fanart sauron

Maeglin. He looks more like Fingon to me

yourlaranikaisakova: “ Maeglin by ladyoftheflower ”

High King. http://dakkun39.tumblr.com/post/92631149578/gondolin-turgon

Turgon, High King of Gondolin.

Elvesssss by ~Beckx on deviantART

Fugly fanart sketchdump (Hobbity edition) by ~Barukurii on deviantART

High Elf

Welcome to warhammer age of sigmar the games that makes you keep a straight face so you can reroll all ones

Fingon finding Maedhros.

Fingon sees Maedhros by - look at the look on his face!<<< Can you imagine seeing Maedhros for the first time in years.

Ahhhh...who might this be? Wattpad readers, are there any guesses from the audience?

Wattpad readers, are there any guesses from the audience?

1.Feanor (フェアノール) 2.Fingolfin (フィンゴルフィン) 3.Finarfin (フィナルフィン) 4.Finwe,Indis (フィンウェ、インディス) 嬉しいメッセージ、ありがとうございます

Fingolfin Don't you just love his hair XD